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Sr No.Request DateRequest DescriptionStatus
5902-01-2017 CqSVBV open
5802-01-2017 CqSVBV open
5731-12-2016 PHolLX open
5631-12-2016 PHolLX open
5526-02-2016 Testing of fertiliser -farm yard manure open
5426-02-2016 Testing of fertiliser -farm yard manure open
5319-03-2015 Dear Sir, We are looking for a proffesional expert in Analytical of Inorganic Chemistry who would help us in setting up a laboratory for analysis of ores,concentrates,minerals,tailings,metals,alloys,residues,catlaysts & secondary products. open
5204-03-2014 One of our client requires quote for consultancy on certification(Nabl/ISO)of two laboratories-one for chemical test and second for microbiological production and testing. open
5130-12-2013 We are analyzing heavy metals, PAH, and VOCs, we require method of spiking to the air samples. open
5024-12-2013 We require a method for determination of isoproturon from soil(extraction procedure required)by using HPLC. open
4911-12-2013 Please send the procedure for the VOC analysis for air and Poly aromatic hydrocarbon(PAH)in water. open
4823-10-2013 we require procedure for analysis of pesticides,PAH's and Heavy metals in soil. closed
4705-09-2013 One of our client is setting up Food Testing Laboratory as per FSSAI Standards. As part of the project we have suggested the following books and titles for which we request you to kindly quote your competitive rates with possible discounts. TITLES: 1. MERCK INDEX - 15TH EDITION 2. QUALITY ASSURANCE IN ANLYTICAL CHEMISTRY TRAINING & TEACHING. 3. APHA - STANDARD METHODS LATES EDITION 4. AOAC - 19TH EDITION 5. OFFICIAL ANALYTICAL METHODS OF THE AMERICAN SPICE TRADE ASSOCIATION. 6. HANDBOOK OF GC/MS FUNDAMENTALS & APPLICATION 7. FOOD ANALYSIS LABORATORY MANUAL - SUZZANNE NELSAN 8. PRACTICAL HPLC METHOD DEVELOPMENT. closed
4608-08-2013 One of our client requires soil procedure for heavy metal analysis. closed
4524-04-2013 As the monsoon is ahead one of our client is worried for fungus in Boxes due to Bacteria development in the paper because of recycle of the water in the paper plant. Please suggest us the additive to be used in the glue to defer the bacteria development in the boxes. closed
4415-04-2013 We are interested in setting up the lab in Singapore. It will be for performance testing of products used for packaging of haz chemicals. Testing of A)Fibre Board Boxes B)Drums C)Jerry Cans closed
4307-03-2013 One of the client wants calibration for the below said equipment: 1)Moisture indicator and controller. Equipment Manufacturer: Semitronix.,Ahmedabad. i)Technical Specification:Single Phase 230V.AC 50/60/c/s. ii)Power Consumption: 100 watts. iii)Measuring Range:Cotton:3.5 to 20%. Wool:10 to 40%. Jute:7 to 32%. Rayon:7 to 2%. Staple Fibre: 70 to 40%. Silk:6 to 30%. Nylon:3 to 17%. Acrylic:1 to 55. Glass & Olefin:0.1 to 0.5%. Polyester:0.5% to 2.25%, Paper, Ceramic, Tea, Wood, Sand. iv)Setting Dial:Same as measuring ranges stated above. v)Light indication: Amber light flashes to show dry condition, Green light glows to show normal condition, Red light flashes to show wet condition. vi)Calibration provided: Internal Standard. closed
4220-12-2012 We are manufacturers of organic esters. We have been manufacturing ethyl chloroacetate, methyl chloroacetate and isopropyl chloroacetate, We have a 5000sqft unit located at Tarapur with annual capacity of 700 tons. We are looking to gradually phase out these products and develop similar new products competitively within the current setup with some modifications. closed
4117-10-2012 One of our client wants to set up Maize starch plant in the eastern part. The capacity is 1 ton per hour starch manufacturing. We would like you to submit quote for the plant and machinery items. closed
4017-10-2012 One of our customer is interested in setting up of Laboratory for their In House testing requirements.The space available is around 47 sq.ft x 30 sq.ft with attached toilet. closed
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